Proudly serving the  Greater Charlotte Area of NC.

It is human nature to nest. We spend our lifetime building our nest, surrounding ourselves with objects of utility and art. When it is time to leave our nests, what does one do with these objects that we have collected over a lifetime? This is an overwhelming task with a multitude of steps. Hiring a professional is the logical choice.

 Tom Roberts and his professional staff are serving North Carolina and other select areas with the finest in professional estate tag sales. They offer a FREE no cost consultation where they will guide you through the process of liquidating your home. Whether it is the estate of a loved one, down-sizing into a retirement community, or simply too much stuff, they can develop a personalized plan for you.

Each tag sale is tailored to your individual needs. Tom Roberts and his staff can tackle any task from organizing a small condo to cleaning out attics, basements, and barns. This liquidation team is extremely well trained with a variety of areas of expertise. They are able to make quick work of sorting, cleaning, organizing, and staging your home to maximize results. Their body of knowledge is overwhelming as each member is an authority in their field.

The liquidator is paid on a commission basis. Our commission is comprehensive and includes NO OTHER fees. Advertising, supplies, and security are all handled by Tom. Their commission is determined by location, labor intensity, amount and quality of merchandise, and current market conditions. They are the perfect liaisons to market your sale.