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Our Services

Tom Roberts and his staff offer a wide array of services covering any type of sale. They customize their plans to each and every sale to make sure you receive the service you deserve. Their professional approach to each and every home ensures great results. Here you will find a summary of our services and how their sales work.

How their sales work:

We offer a free consultation and interview to determine the best method of liquidation for you. There are no out of pocket expenses. Each sale is conducted on a commission basis. The commission is determined in the initial interview, and is based upon amount and quality of merchandise, location, and amount of time needed to prepare property for the sale.

To set up the sale, the staff goes through and extensive discovery process, emptying each and every closet, drawer, cupboard, and box. Each room is organized and staged to provide the best results. In most cases, the house takes on a completely fresh updated new look. Clients cannot believe how appealing the setting has become!

Each item is then researched and tagged. Prices are determined from fair market values determined by past sale prices from the internet, live auctions, prior tag sales and shops.

An extensive marketing campaign is put into place for each sale. Advertisements are placed on-line, including, the company website, on-line classified sites, local newspapers, and flyers. In many cases specific buyers are called and notified about the sale if there are special objects of interest. Great care is taken in the marketing of each sale to ensure the best results.

The sale takes place on a weekend and is hosted anywhere between one and three days, depending on the size of the sale. Entry numbers are handed out to the initial crowd, many of whom have waited for hours to enter the sale. A limited amount of people is permitted into the home at any given time to ensure safety and security. For sales with a large amount of valuables, 24-hour security may be hired, and small valuables are handled with great care. A large staff is in place each day of the sale for security and to assist customers with their questions and purchases at all times. As items are sold, the cashiers record each and every item and price so that in the conclusion of the sale the client has a detailed listing of each item sold at the sale. As the sale continues, prices may be reduced. On the first day, bid sheets are offered so the customer may state the price that they are willing to pay. On smaller items there is a flat rate discount that is set for each continuing day. It is the liquidator’s goal to get the most for each item in the quickest amount of time.

At the conclusion of the sale, the seller is provided with the detailed listings of all items sold and the settlement sheet breaking down the revenue from the sale step by step. At this time it is determined what happens to the remaining items. Large items may be sent to an auction house or consignment shop, small household items are donated to charities. A full clean-out is available for each sale. These sales have a higher commission rate than sales where the liquidator simply hosts the sale. The client is free to determine which option best suits them.

Optional services and alternatives to tag sales:

  • Full clean-out of homes,
  • Clean-out of attics, basements, sheds, and storage,
  • Consignment of single items or collections such as sterling silver, fine china, antique furniture etc. to add to future sales.
  • Relocation of sales from difficult, dilapidated homes or remote areas to more accessible areas.
  • Cleaning and repair to home for sale
  • Pricing evaluations - if you would like to host your own sale we charge an hourly rate to come in and help price merchandise for your own tag sale.